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Longest Ear Hair..
Anthony Victor from India holds the record of the most ear hair..
7.12 inches sprouting from the center of his outer ears..

Furthest Eyeball Popper..
American Kim Goodman can pop her eyeballs 0.47 inches beyond her eye socket..

Most Stretchy Skin..
Gary Turner of Britain can stretch his skin up to 6.25 inches..

Longest Fingernails,Female..
Lee Redmond,USA...She started growing them in 1979,and by the time of official measurement in 2008,they reached 28 ft 4.5 inches length..Unfortunately..the three decade long effort was wasted in early 2009 when Lee lost her nails in a car accident..

Heaviest Weight Pulled With Eye Sockets..
The Space Cowboy,aka Chayne Hultgren from Australia,holds the bizarre and painful record of pulling the heaviest weight with his eye 2009,he pulled 907 pounds (humans and cycle)..

Farthest Squirting Milk From The Eye..
Ilker Yilmaz,from Turkey,can squirt milk from his eyes up to 9 feet 2inches..

Contortionist Who Can Fit Through A Tennis Racquet..
Captain Frodo,born in Norway and living in Australia,is known as the "Incredible Rubberman" for his crazy contortionist ways...Born double jointed,he holds the record for being able to swallow the most swards,but..his real trick is his ability to squeeze head and shoulders through the head of a tennis racquet..


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